Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Come and Gone

November is here, the hectic days are come and gone. Time to relax...

Yeah right. :-)

I got most of the stuff broken down and hauled down to the basement, with a noticable exception being my witch and my fence. Mostly because I'm lazy, but also because that fence just looks so damn good!

The boarded up windows was a big hit, lots of people commented on them. Said it made the house look creepy even in the daylight. As this was a last minute project, I'm glad I went forward on it.

Phil made his d├ębut this year and got a very good reaction. Mostly he just kinda sat there, doing his thing, but at one point in the evening, a group of young girls came up. One of them stood a little too close to the edge of the side walk, right at the apex of Phil's reach. She didn't notice him until the tip of his finger touched her ankle, at which point she jumped out of her skin!

I was very satisfied how well my witch worked, considering all the problems in years past.