Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Christmas Poem

This was written by my Grandmother under the pseudonym "Bea Kay" several years back when she was still actively writing. I have a collection of her poems that have never been published before and am attempting to gather them together into a self-published book. A lot of them were written particularly for her children and grandchildren, so perhaps this would be a great gift to the family next year...

Christmas Happiness
By Bea Kay

Christmas is the season
    With gladness in the air;
Colored lights and tinsel
    Are hanging everywhere.

Santa Claus is coming,
    And coming mighty soon;
Everyone is humming
    A happy Christmas tune.

In our house we see
    The tree proudly standing there,
with pretty decorations
    Right down to angel hair.

Presents wrapped with loving care
    Are piled upon the floor;
The cedar wreath, with berries bright,
    Is hung out on the door.

In our minds, in quiet thought,
    In time we backward flow…
To that wonderful First Christmas,
    So very long ago.

When, through the gentle Mary,
    God gave the world His Son;
And from this little Baby
    Our salvation we have won.

So happiness should be the way
    To thank the One above,
Who will rule like the mighty lion
    Yet be gentle as the dove.

The happiness of Christmas
    Should last throughout the year;
As Christ is always with us…
    Of that, we have no fear.

Let all of us remember
    As we go upon our way:
That Christ was born on Christmas,
    A very special day.

The gifts we give each other
    Are like the gifts we give to Him;
Of love and thoughtful kindness,
    Then spread them to the rim.

To people who are strangers
    And we may never see again,
Let’s give a cheerful welcome
    And help them all we can.

If God could give us Jesus,
    The Great One, good and strong,
By trying to help others
    We simply can’t go wrong.

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  1. I think it's really cool you're gathering your grandmother's poems to publish.