Thursday, September 16, 2010


Found a boatload of scrap wood this year so I decided to give columns for my cemetery fence another go. I tried it a couple of years agp, but was never happy with the results and the durned things kept getting knocked/blown over, so I pulled them before Halloween...

In progress
Got them framed up here, as you can see. The idea is that I wrap the frames in cardboard, and attach paper mache "stones" to the cardboard. Going to wrap the top and bottom in 2'x4' so that it looks like there are a cap and base made from concrete.

This year I will be pounding in rebar to keep them from flipping over and physically attaching them to the fence itself. 

Oh! And I will have a sign announcing the cemetery for the first time. Here is a mockup:

Going to carve it out of 1/2" styrofoam, similar to what I did on the gravestones, and paint it to look like aged bronze.


  1. Good luck! As someone who lives in a rainy and windy climate, I would also suggest leaving a small opening at the bottom/back and sliding in a cement slab over the bottom part of the frame. :)

  2. I left room for a hidden panel so I can access the insides. Hopefully the rebar will be sufficient, but I can also toss in heavy things.