Thursday, June 24, 2010

Are they orange yet??!

In an effort to stave off the high cost of hiring pumpkins (and paying off their families when they meet their fate), I am endevouring to grow my own fruity minions...

Planted at the beginning of June (could've done it earlier, but I'm known to procrastinate a bit...) my proto-nascant pumpkins are feeding of the rich Indiana clay (I hestitate to call it soil, but it can grow grass real good) and the frequent spring rains.

Last week Liam and I went to Ransburg Boy Scout camp for a week (only 2 tornado warnings). When we returned, I glanced over at my babies and remarked how big they've gotten), to which Liam asks "Are they orange yet?".


I would think that would be a case of rather severe premature fruiting...

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