Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Halloween already hates me...

It's the end July and I can tell this ain't gonna be good. I've turned into the opposite of King Midas, as everything I've touched has turned into crap...

My pumpkins? Dead. We've had a very, very wet summer and my poor babies died from something called "root rot" just before they could bloom. My reworking of Sarah? Self-destructed.

I had even constructed a grave grabber with inspiration I found here http://www.fulcrumsites.com/haunt/html/the_grave_grabber.html. It seemed to be okay, the mechanics of it anyways. I used the rotisserie motor I used last year in my failed witches' cauldron and it worked splendidly. I left it on Sunday for a few hours to make sure it didn't bind up, then shut it off. This morning I took it outside for some pictures so that I could brag about it here, but when I turned it on, the motor ran but didn't spin, then it died. It must have burned out already. I have NO idea what to do to replace it now... :-(

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  1. Don't fret. You still have time to outrun that bad luck. I think you're due.