Friday, August 27, 2010

A Haunter's A-B-Cs

A is for Axis
     My skull should have three
B is for Boris
     Whom I want talking at me

C is for Curby's
     Their inventory we have constantly checked
D is for my Dremel
     Great, another motor that I wrecked

E is for Expanding
     The sticky foam we use to shape and fill
F is for Fog
     To hang low, our devices will chill

G is for Gravestone
     Made up of foam board and gray paint
H is for Halloween
     That deadline is our only confining restraint

I is for Ice
     Dry to make a thick fog to sustain
J is for Jell-O
     Used to make another disgusting brain

K is for those Kids
     Demanding we give up our candy
L is for LED
     We find the lights are quite handy

M is for Mausoleum
     Built to house ghosts of the flying crank kind
N is for Night
     You know the one, I shouldn't have to remind

O is for Orange
     A theme color that's used traditionally
P is for Paper-mâché
     You know you need this unconditionally

Q is for Quality
     The attribute we both strive and treasure
R is for some Rest
     Until November, we'll not have in any measure

S is for Styrofoam
     Making things to appear to have great strength
T is for Tape
     The need for which cannot be measured in length

U is for UFO
     An alien theme some find exotic
V is for the Vortex
     The spinning can be unsettling and hypnotic

W is for Witches
     "Fire burn and cauldron bubble"
X is for the XActo™
     Knives that cut without much trouble

Y is for Yell
     Then watch the TOTs shriek and run
Z is for Zombies
     What we are to our holiday, when all is said and done

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